The absence of visible joints & the option of having a matching Corian sink, creates a completely seamless look.

Different Thickness Choices-

From a 12mm thick, sleek finish to 100mm thick chunky work surface. Corian is totally bespoke to suit the needs of a customer.

Stain resistant-

Being non porous, Corian worktops are highly resistant to staining. Even in the unlikely event pen or permanent marker got onto the work surface, this can be easily sanded out!

Wireless charging-

We can add a hidden wireless charging port into your worktops. Simply place you phone onto the work surface to charge your phone.

Can be repaired-

If you chip or scratch Corian worktops, you can simply sand out the marks. If the chip was too big to sand out we can simply router a piece of the worktop out and pop a bit of Corian back in and this would also be seamless. 

The original brand of solid surface-

Their are many less expensive brands of solid surface on the market that claim to be exactly the same as Corian. However, Corian is the original brand of solid surface & regarded by many as still the best.

Colour choices

Corian worktops are available in a choice of over 100 colours. (See link above)