Everyday cleaning

Our solid surface worktops are fabricated by a high-tech process, making it extraordinarily hard and resilient, with unequalled hygienic properties and exceptional beauty and luxury.

We offer a Care and Maintenance Kit which has been developed to offer the customer everything they need to keep their worktops looking good for years to come. For every day cleaning we recommend warm soapy water Followed with an ammonia‐based product, such as glass cleaner, for a streak‐free shine.


Solid surface worktops are highly scratch resistant but not scratch proof and the surface must be protected by chopping or cutting boards. Dark colours will show scratches easier then lighter colours.


Solid surface worktops are incredibly hard and non-porous so they will not absorb liquids, but it is still possible that grease, wine, coffee, nicotine, fruit juices and other strongly coloured substances can stain the surface if not properly protected or if the spills are not cleaned up immediately. However, even if this is the case, do not worry. The use of a mild abrasive such as Cif Cream has a positive effect on the surface and will remove most minor marks that cannot be removed by soapy water. We have never come across a stain that hasn’t been able to be removed as of yet!