It is durable. Because of Corian’s natural strength, elasticity, thickness and resistance to damage, it will outlast almost any other type of worktops. Exceptional hygiene and ease of cleaning. Solid Surface is a solid, non-porous surface therefore it does not absorb moisture or fluids, making it suitable even for laboratories and hospitals. Because it is joined seamlessly, there is nowhere for germs to breed and is easy to clean.

It is beautiful and sophisticated. Because it is made from the highest quality natural minerals, blended with the highest quality acrylic polymer resins, Corian worktops have a rich and sophisticated feel and look.

It is versatile. You can personalise your kitchen with infinite combinations of designs, colours, patterns, textures and forms it can be shaped to your unique circumstances and to top it all, you can have them engraved to your own specifications.
Corian’s solid surface, without any perceptible joints, is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

Corian worktops can be repaired if damaged. provides you with a Care and Maintenance Kit to repair minor damage yourself, while more serious damage can be repaired onsite by our expert technicians. Corian worktops are in a league of their own. It is the highest quality, with unmatched beauty, with endless design possibilities, and yet available to you at a highly affordable price.