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Aftercare and maintenance2024-05-01T08:37:01+00:00

Everyday cleaning

Our solid surface worktops are fabricated by a high-tech process, making it extraordinarily hard and resilient, with unequalled hygienic properties and exceptional beauty and luxury.

We offer a Care and Maintenance Kit which has been developed to offer the customer everything they need to keep their worktops looking good for years to come. For every day cleaning we recommend warm soapy water Followed with an ammonia‐based product, such as glass cleaner, for a streak‐free shine.


Solid surface worktops are highly scratch resistant but not scratch proof and the surface must be protected by chopping or cutting boards. Dark colours will show scratches easier then lighter colours.


Solid surface worktops are incredibly hard and non-porous so they will not absorb liquids, but it is still possible that grease, wine, coffee, nicotine, fruit juices and other strongly coloured substances can stain the surface if not properly protected or if the spills are not cleaned up immediately. However, even if this is the case, do not worry. The use of a mild abrasive such as Cif Cream has a positive effect on the surface and will remove most minor marks that cannot be removed by soapy water. We have never come across a stain that hasn’t been able to be removed as of yet!

Can Solid Surface worktops be repaired if damaged?2024-05-01T08:36:59+00:00

Yes, the seamless properties of Solid Surface make it possible for it to be repaired by a qualified fabricator if you chip or damage your worktops overtime- Unlike other materials that would require you to replace your full worktops.

Are Solid Surface Worktops easy to clean?2024-05-01T08:36:56+00:00

Because it is a solid, non-porous worktop, it does not absorb liquids. Different parts are joined seamlessly with a special process, leaving no crevices for dirt and old food to accumulate to breed germs. It can simply be wiped or cleaned with a warm soapy water. Due to its exceptionally high hygiene qualities, it has been approved for use in hospitals, surgeries and laboratories.Unlike other surfaces such as laminate, tile and granite, Solid Surfaces have no grout lines or ridges to trap dirt and germs. This exceptionally smooth surface makes Solid surface easy to clean. Solid Surfaces can be fabricated as one continuous surface to further reduce areas for bacteria to grow.

Do Solid Surface worktops require special care or maintenance?2024-05-01T08:36:52+00:00

Solid Surface worktops do not require out of the ordinary care. They are highly resistant to damage and by regularly cleaning them properly and by taking reasonable precautions to prevent damage from heat sources, scratches and knocks, they will last a very long time.

What are the benefits of Solid Surface worktops?2024-05-01T08:36:50+00:00

It is durable. Because of Corian’s natural strength, elasticity, thickness and resistance to damage, it will outlast almost any other type of worktops. Exceptional hygiene and ease of cleaning. Solid Surface is a solid, non-porous surface therefore it does not absorb moisture or fluids, making it suitable even for laboratories and hospitals. Because it is joined seamlessly, there is nowhere for germs to breed and is easy to clean.

It is beautiful and sophisticated. Because it is made from the highest quality natural minerals, blended with the highest quality acrylic polymer resins, Corian worktops have a rich and sophisticated feel and look.

It is versatile. You can personalise your kitchen with infinite combinations of designs, colours, patterns, textures and forms it can be shaped to your unique circumstances and to top it all, you can have them engraved to your own specifications.
Corian’s solid surface, without any perceptible joints, is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

Corian worktops can be repaired if damaged. Worktops.net provides you with a Care and Maintenance Kit to repair minor damage yourself, while more serious damage can be repaired onsite by our expert technicians. Corian worktops are in a league of their own. It is the highest quality, with unmatched beauty, with endless design possibilities, and yet available to you at a highly affordable price.

Can Solid Surface worktops be formed into different shapes and designs?2024-05-01T08:36:47+00:00

Due to its unique composition, Solid Surface is incredibly versatile and has endless design possibilities. By a special heating process, it can be shaped, joined and formed into a wide variety of two and three dimensional shapes and products. Solid Surface worktops can be combined with countless combinations of upstands, splashbacks, downturns, wall cladding, overhangs, edgings, return ends and cut outs for integrated sinks, bowls and cooking tops for a one-of-a-kind design. Add to this the extensive range of colours, patterns and textures, topped by the fact that Solid Surfce can also be engraved, and you have the ability to create unique designs and to personalise your kitchen or bathroom.

Where can Solid Surface worktops be used?2024-05-01T08:36:45+00:00

Corian worktops are eminently suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as worktops, wall cladding and even flooring, but because of its solid, non-porous quality, it has been approved by health authorities for use in highly sterile areas such as hospitals, surgeries and laboratories. It is also frequently used in sensitive areas such as airport and hotel check-in counters because it is so easy to clean and to maintain high levels of hygiene.

What is Corian made of?2024-05-01T08:36:43+00:00

Corian is manufactured from the highest quality natural minerals (Gibbsite, Bayerite, Doyleite and Nordstrandite) strengthened by acrylic polymer resin, giving it greater flexibility, elasticity and resilience than natural marble or granite. Corian consists of about 66% natural minerals and 34% acrylic polymer resin.

Can I have a look at samples?2024-05-01T08:36:41+00:00

Yes, we have samples of all the Solid Surface brands we work with at our workshop, along with the biggest Solid Surface showroom in the North East.

After you template for my new worktops, can I get my walls plastered?2024-05-01T08:36:38+00:00

No, you would have to get your walls plastered before we template as this changes the size of the worksurfaces. Any plastering done in between template and installation could prevent your new work surfaces from fitting.

If I am just replacing my worktops, do I need to remove the old worktops prior to templating?2024-05-01T08:36:34+00:00

Yes, your old worktops will have to be fully removed before we can template.

Does my new kitchen need to be fully fitted before you can template for the worktops?2024-05-01T08:34:18+00:00

Yes, all of your units will need to be fitted before we can template as it is important for it to be 100% accurate at template stage.

What is the benefit of Solid Surface compared to other luxury worktop materials such as Granite?2024-05-01T08:34:07+00:00

We thought you would never ask. If granite is not sealed regularly, it can become stained, and harbour bacteria, viruses and mould. Seams in granite are also difficult to keep clean and can be very unsightly. Solid Surfaces are non-porous with smooth, impenetrable seams to prevent unwelcomed germs and mildew giving you a sleek look with no joins. Solid Surfaces are also more impact‐resistant than granite; plus, curved and circular designs are easier and less expensive to fabricate using Solid Surface. If damaged or scratched the Granite can be difficult or even impossible to repair satisfactorily, whereas Solid Surface can be repaired quite easily by a qualified fabricator.

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“I love it when someone goes the extra mile for you. Scott went the extra 300 miles for us. After being recommended by my sister, Scott came down to London twice in a week to template and fit our Corian Worktops. The worktops look amazing and we can’t recommend him enough.”

Dan Eagen

Find our reviews on Facebook and Google

“I love it when someone goes the extra mile for you. Scott went the extra 300 miles for us. After being recommended by my sister, Scott came down to London twice in a week to template and fit our Corian Worktops. The worktops look amazing and we can’t recommend him enough.”

Dan Eagen

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