Next to quartz and diamonds, granite is one of the hardest natural substances known to man. It can withstand the impact of everyday kitchen traffic, such as scratches, especially when it comes to activities like chopping your food. While you CAN chop your food directly on a granite work surface, it’s always best to preserve the beauty of your worktop by using a chopping board. In addition, granite worktops are also known to withstand very high temperatures, so you can lay hot pots and pans on the surface without incurring major damage to your worktop.


Since it is a naturally-occurring substance, no two granite worktops will ever be the same. Depending on the area it is mined from, granite contains intricate vein patterns, specks, pitting and swirls that are a product of the various minerals present in the area. The most common colors of granite are black and gray, but you can also find blue, green and brown shades of granite available on the market. Granite is a classic choice that is favored by many people because of the timeless and elegant look it can provide to your kitchen.

Easy to maintain

Keeping your granite worktop as beautiful as the day you bought it is actually very simple to do. In order to maintain the finish, a yearly sealing will help to prevent your granite work surface from unsightly cracks that can serve as breeding grounds for mould and other harmful bacteria. Aside from a yearly sealing routine, you can keep your granite worktop clean by simply wiping it down with warm water and soap.